Episcopal Ordination of Roman Catholic Military Ordinariate of Canada and Episcopal Adviser of Spiritual Motherhood of Priests

How Does That Happen?


  Used with permission

 James Shaw (Web and New Media Manager)  www.companionscross.ca 

If you have ever been to an ordination of a bishop you know that it is a celebration like no other. There are smells and bells. The music is heavenly. The sights are majestic. We pour oil over the bishop-elect’s head. We even hold a book of the Gospels over his head. The applause and cheering is deafening. There is truly nothing else like it.

Last night was no different! Bishop-elect Scott became Bishop Scott. Thank God, that whole bishop-elect thing is a bit of a tongue twister. We watched our brother, mentor, leader, and friend become a bishop. Archbishop Luigi put it so wonderfully,

“We have Bishop Scott. Before we had Fr. Scott. Now we have Bishop Scott and it is not just a change of name, but it is a profound transformation.”

Bishop Scott McCaig, CCLast night was a celebration of that transformation. However, we celebrate so much more than Fr. Scott becoming Bishop Scott.

We celebrate the awesome love of Christ and how it transformed an atheistic ski bum from British Columbia into a Bishop in the Roman Catholic Church. How does that even happen?

Last night as I looked on, I was struck with just how awesome the love of Christ is. How he takes us in our brokenness and makes us new again. His love is so powerful that it transforms us. It changes us. It makes us new. That love changed Bishop Scott McCaig’s life and it has changed the world!

Truly Jesus’ personal invitation to Bishop Scott many years ago to ‘come and follow me’ was what we celebrated last night. Fr. Scott McCaig, CC becoming Bishop Scott McCaig, CC is a step for him on the road to the heavenly banquet.

Praised be Jesus for working in this man’s life so powerfully! Praised be Christ for his profound sacrifice on the cross so that we could be reunited with our heavenly Father.
Bishop Scott McCaig, CC