These are two beautiful testimonies from priests:

“Ever since I was ordained five years ago, the Spiritual Motherhood of Priests has played an important role in my Priesthood. The world today is, more than ever, in need of good, holy, orthodox Priests who love the Church and who are faithful to the Magisterium — and ready to defend and protect it. Priests today are often engaged in a very deep spiritual battle for souls. We need the aid of faithful laypeople to strengthen us in our mission of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, without compromise, to a world that needs it more than ever.  Ever since I have had a Spiritual Mother, I understood the importance of this crucial apostolate in the Church. Spiritual Mothers, through their prayers and sacrifices, help us Priests to carry out faithfully our three-fold mission of teaching, governing, and sanctifying the members of Christ's Mystical Body. I often think of my Spiritual Mother as the humble and faithful presence of Our Lady at the foot of the Cross. The Blessed Virgin could do nothing at that moment but pray, suffer, and offer up her Son for the salvation of souls and in reparation for sin. Mary's silent prayer, her "com-passion" (suffering with) Christ, and her act of offering helped bring redemption into the world. Spiritual Mothers of Priests do the very same. I am profoundly grateful, every day, for the prayers and sacrifices of my Spiritual Mother and for all Spiritual Mothers of Priests. I pray that Our Lord may bless this apostolate abundantly and help it to bear much fruit so that God may be glorified in His Church through Holy Priests and their Spiritual Mothers.”


 "I thank the Lord for the Spiritual Motherhood of Priests and for my own spiritual sponsor, who makes a sacrifice of her life for me and for my priestly vocation, including, perhaps, the greatest sacrifice of all; namely, that she will never know my name, and I in turn will not know hers. I think of the sacrifices that my natural mother made for me from the time of my birth to the time, last year, when she died.  Just as Our Lady shared in her Son's vocation to the point of His death on the Cross and beyond, so my mother shared significantly in my own vocation and in its sacrifices. Now that she has died, it is a great consolation to know that a sister in Christ is sharing in my vocation with the kind of unconditional generosity that a mother shares. In a very real way, every day when I don my Chasuble and climb the steps to the altar in order to  celebrate the Holy Mass with my parishioners, my spiritual mother climbs those steps with me. May she, and all the women of this wonderful apostolate, be richly blessed today, and in eternity."